Tender Management System


Tender management system is to manage the first initiative taken for business in term of tender quote to various projects under Government/Private Sector. This solution runs on web based application that can be accessed from anywhere with different users. Managing a procurement is very difficult and exacting task.


Key Features of the Software

  • Ignore the cost of last-minute couriers.
  • Make it simple and easier to log, share, discuss.
  • Quickly set up a secure, easily maintained website.
  • provide a inexpensive, and friendly method to share information.
  • Save time, publication and distribution of technical specifications.
  • Accurately version control, and correspondence with each separate bidder.
  • Improve communication and team-working between, staff and contracted consultants.
  • Decrease calls seeking documentation and share answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Allow all those involved to access documentation and be kept up-to-date via instant alerts.
  • Provide clarity, and consistency through the effective communication of key procurement milestones.

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