Teletrac Navman


Teletrac Navman is a reliable fleet management software. This GPS tracking system is SaaS based technology. This tool is built using cutting-edge technology.


Introduction to Teletrac Navman Fleet management Software

Teletrac Navman built on Robust technology platforms is a vehicle tracking system. Its DIRECTOR and Qtanium Connect feature an Open API permitting businesses of all sizes to unlock information and streamline systems into a cohesive IT ecosystem allowing for efficient & faster business decisions.

Make simple & easy fleet management with Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR. This fleet management software is trusted by more than 40,000 customers to reduce fleet operating cost, enhance driver safety and manage compliance.

Features of this Fleet software

  1. Vehicle Mapping – Instantly track vehicles and equipment
  2. Effective Communication – Quick, reliable and auditable
  3. Connected Workflow – Automate compliance and dispatching
  4. Accurate ELDs – FMCSA registered ELD solution
  5. Fleet Maintenance – Track vehicle inspection reports and maintenance logs
  6. IFTA Compliance – Streamline fuel tax reporting
  7. Driver scorecards – Visualize driving trends and share driver performance reports
  8. Event Viewer – View unsafe driving incidents in real-time with second-by-second replays
  9. In-Vehicle Notifications – take training on the road with driver training aids
  10. Dynamic Dashboard – Track your organization’s most critical KPIs
  11. Build Your Own Report – Visualize the data you want and set specific goals
  12. Customizable Alerts – React quickly to unexpected situations
  13. Maximize equipment uptime
  14. Reduce cost by minimizing idle time
  15. Increase efficiency by optimizing scheduling




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