Synergita is an award-winning, cloud-based, Continuous Employee Performance Management, Development & Engagement Software.  It is simple, and easy-to-use. 


With Synergita, you will be able to do those easily.  Employees can set their goals easily and align them with the department and organization goals.   They can update their achievements anytime and you will have complete visibility on their progress.

We are working with several software companies like yours:  Booker, Indegene, GlobalEdge, Aspire Systems, Secova, etc. – all with a focus on creating performance based culture and developing higher level of employee engagement.  Our software (www.synergita.com) is helping these companies on these initiatives.

Features of our Product

  1. Goals Management
  2. Continuous Performance
  3. 360 Degree FeedbackEmployee
  4. EngagementEmployee Development
  5. People & Performance Analytics