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Sparktech Systems Pvt Ltd (SSPL) provides Spark Catering Software Solution for catering industry. Catering Services generally provide food at remote sites. The software solution includes comprehensive feature set from Inquiry Reception to Receipe Feeder and Payment Reception. The solution automates the process of catering management and provides detailed reports like Sales Tax Report, Payment Report etc.


Features of Spark Catering Software:

  1. Inquiry Reception
  2. Booking
  3. F.P. Generation (Customer, Manager, Kitchen Supervisor)
  4. Billing
  5. Payment Receiving
  6. Recipe Feeding
  7. Raw Material Requirements based on receipes and pax
  8. Can be ued with Outdoor Catering and Banquet Halls

The following reports are generated from the system.

  1. Inquiry Report
  2. Booking Report Booking date wise
  3. Party date wise
  4. Sales Report
  5. Payment Report
  6. Pending Payment Report
  7. Tentative Items reqd for party

MIS Reports

  1. Sales Tax Register
  2. Pending Payments
  3. Party Reports

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