Eventpro | Catering Management Software


EventPro Software’s user-friendly environment and comprehensive features help you prepare and organize all facets of an event at your facility. Create bookings, organize setup equipment, schedule rooms, plan catering, manage attendees and exhibitors, create floor plans, print invoices, run reports, and much, much more – all in one affordable package.


Real catering management software for real caterers’ needs

Whether catering is your entire business, or one of the many event components you need to manage, EventPro has you covered.Food & beverage management is not an afterthought in EventPro Software. Combined with robust event management capabilities, EventPro’s flexible catering & beverage system adapts to your unique combination of needs, whether you manage…

  1. Events and on-site catering at your own venue
  2. Third-party venues, including bookings and on- or off-site catering
  3. Off-site catering that is brought into third-party venues or delivered


Office Location : Australia

Source : http://www.eventpro.net