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Softfixer is leading  franchise software for education institute. We have embed  creative designing and more functionality in Franchise software. we have create this software for education institute. its helpful for spread on your business and improve their organization’s operation. you can manage number of franchise in one roof.Our software helps franchiser by providing detailed financial reports on the entire organization . 


Feature Of Franchise software:-

Add Course: Full information of Course like subject, batch , fees, time schedule
Admission:- store full information of student
Fees Detail : Course fees, rest of Fees, total Fees, total collection of month
Fees Manager:- franchise can check total student fees, pending fees, due date of payment

Attendance:- List:- Franchise can check student attendance , according to courses, batch

Mark Attendance: select course, batch and mark attendance of student

Staff: List of staff: Franchise can check record of staff and basic information
Add Staff: staff type like faculty or staff, name, contact number, mail id, salary, status, qualification and images

Time table : franchise create hourly timing schedule for faculty like 10:00 am to 12:00 Pm

Time table schedule: show starting time and end date, faculty name, timing, day, course, batch, subject, date


List: list of franchise expenditure

Add Expenditure: expenditure like, salary, stationary of franchise, date, amount, note

Admission inquiry:

Total inquiry list: Franchise can check total number of query
Add inquiry: course, name , contact number, email id, source (source means query through website, flyer, brochure, remark, Follow Date

Sales: Cart System:

List : total cart list of franchise
Make Cart : Product name , quantity, price, status, Note ,Description of Franchise
Order List : order id, Product name , price, description, quantity, total price, total credit, Credit Remaining, order date and status, action

Wallet: Detail list of wallet of Franchise

Download: List of Download : Franchise can check list of download material

Support:- Provide support through message get way, Department query,

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