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At thinkstep, we know that consistent data as well as sensible key performance indicator systems (KPIs) are the premise for effective environment, health and safety management. Companies that leverage EH&S as an integral element in their business processes (as opposed to dealing with EH&S on an event basis) gain competitive advantage.


Thinkstep Consulting Expertise for EH&S

Environment – Our ISO 14001/50001 & EMAS certified experts support you in creating, evaluating, improving and auditing your environmental program. We also identify opportunities for improvement and cost reductions as well as help you discover innovation potential.

Health & Safety – thinkstep supports you by performing a thorough assessment of your current compliance status as well as a risk analysis and opportunity analysis for your business. Based on this, we provide guidance and an implementation plan on how to apply the results to your business.

SoFi Software Solutions for EH&S

SoFi software solutions help streamline data capture, analysis and reporting as well as assess compliance with regulations, voluntary international standards and company rules:

  1. Manage environmental KPIs, continual improvement and environmental programs for ISO 14001/ 50001 or EMAS systems
  2. Manage site audits and follow up actions
  3. Examine regulatory compliance and manage permits
  4. Track & log incidents/accidents and define follow-up action

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