Societytalk is an initiative powered by Officika. The website facilitates Indian housing society’s operations in term of compliance to the state government’s co-operative housing society’s acts. 


Key Features

Modernizing housing society management!

  1. Guide societies in following co-operative act and compliance rules
  2. Manage and organize society events, notifications, vehicle, visitors, staff, flat and parking
  3. Personalized access to all members, working committee, manager, accountants, security, family and tenants

Get connected and stay informed..

  1. Get connected with members, committee members, Family members, Tenants, Staff and security
  2. Broadcast committee activities and make society operations transparent to everyone
  3. Stay updated with the society notices, finance, activities, events and news
  4. Maintain your flat, parking, vehicles and house staff
  5. Manage society finances and pay dues online
  6. Manage flats, members, parking’s, vehicles, tenants, visitors and family members
  7. Facility management and online bookings
  8. Download all necessary society operation forms and financial reports
  9. Follow smart tenant registration and on-boarding

Simplified accounting and compliance

  1. The most simplified accounting as guided by the cooperative housing act of Maharashtra
  2. Double entry bookkeeping facility validating the correctness
  3. Minimized data entry with maximum automated bookkeeping
  4. Auto update, browse and download all mandatory accounts in a simplified way
  5. Automated perform your society health check
  6. 40 yrs experienced auditors in co-operative sector at your service and audit