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Smart Drive, a smart software for Driving Schools as well as driving learners. Smart Drive software offers high quality user interface for driving license learners mock test, traffic system education and comprehensive test report. Smart Drive software helps Driving School students to pass Driving License Learners Test conducting by Kerala Government’s Motor Vehicle Department (MVD).


  • Driving license learners mock test – Mock test replicates the original learners test environment of Kerala MVD.
  • Driving license learners practice test – Users can practice license learners test as his wish.
  • Comprehensive progress report – Progress report shows user’s practice and mock test result in comprehensive manner.
  • Multi-language support – Smart Drive offering in four languages, such as English, Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi.
  • Traffic Rule Education Suite – It is very helpful for users to understand various traffic rules. Traffic Rule Education Suite has the following parts,
    • Animated Flash movies
    • Traffic awareness Videos
    • Animated Flash movies
    • Traffic Signals
    • Animated Videos of different automobile parts.
  • Option for adding new questions – Users can easily add new questions and answers to practice as well as mock test in four languages.
  • 300+ satisfied customers all over India (especially Kerala & Tamilnadu).

Office Location : Ernakulam

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