Sitecore® Commerce Connect | Consistent commerce integration


Commerce Connect is an integration layer between a front-end web shop solution and a back-end e-commerce system. Used by Sitecore partners, developers, and Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) customers, Commerce Connect delivers built-in engagement for commerce and allows a choice of third-party commerce solutions for which Commerce Connect connectors have been created for the back-end system.


Key features

  • Consists of two components: Connect Core Framework contains the abstract service layers and performs engagement activities, while Connect Connectors hook into pipelines and integrate with external commerce systems
  • Enables you to develop connectors for specific commerce or ERP platforms
  • Defines actions for engagement on the commerce platform, such as product viewed, items added to cart, or order placed
  • Lets you define “placeholders” for commerce action handlers that determine where the commerce vendor logic goes, such as pricing, promotions, availability, shipping options, related products, etc.

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