You are not limited to your own country. SelluSeller lets you list your products across markets – all with the push of a single button. We have the complete logistic solution for you in place. Seamlessly print international shipping labels with SelluSeller and increase your market potential!


Go solo or use Anchanto Fulfillment Network

Self Fulfillment

SelluSeller provides you with a simple and easy-to-use order management function and lets you print shipping labels. This option is recommended for smaller sellers who want to manage fulfillment on their own.

Fulfillment by Anchanto

Anchanto has a broad network of warehouses that are fully integrated with SelluSeller. We provide you with preferred fulfillment rates on pay-per-use basis. Don’t go through the hassle to run fulfillment on your own and save money.

Cross Border Fulfillment

Sell on all major markeplaces in Asia and ship orders internationally from your location or our warehouses. We offer fully tracked shipping rates. Conveniently print proper shipping labels with SelluSeller.


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