SCM Cloud Suite


Saddle Point Supply Chain Planning Cloud Suite is a fully integrated, easily configurable and feature rich cloud based planning suite with a SaaS offering.The cloud based SCP solution is extremely useful for mid sized companies looking for an user friendly, feature rich and cost effective solution.


Key Modules

  1. Demand Planner
  2. Inventory Optimizer
  3. Supply Network Optimizer
  4. Production Planner
  5. Procurement Optimizer
  6. Transportation Optimizer
  7. Production Scheduler
  8. Vehicle Route Planner
  9. Workforce Planner
  10. Shift Scheduler
  11. Container Optimizer
  12. Facility Location Optimizer

Key Features

  1. A complete cloud based offering without any client side installation
  2. A multi tenant, multi user platform with fully integrated planning modules for end to end planning
  3. Options for both Optimization and Heuristics based constrained planning
  4. The SaaS based offering lowers the TCO