InventiX – Materials


InventiX – Materials involves managing complete purchases, sales, and inventory related activities for any trading business across the world. Inventory & Analytics application is a robust and time tested product line, built on latest technologies


InventiX – Materials System:

  • Workflow management system to handle entire Purchase, Sales processes including stock
  • Purchase involves, receive – weigh – segregate – store
  • Stock involves managing the product wise inventory in the facility
  • Sales involves, order – weigh – invoice – dispatch/ delivery
  • End to end visibility across the facility on product, quantity, unit price, customer etc

InventiX – Materials – Benefits

  • No duplication of data and reduced human effort to manage day to day operations
  • Real time visibility across all aspects of operations like purchase, stock, sale & delivery
  • Benchmarks and Indicators in different colors to understand “operations health”
  • Implement industry best benchmarks across the operations using the MMS
  • Extend the reporting dashboard to Tablet PC’s, Mobile etc
  • Reduce cost of operations

Office Location : Chennai

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