Restaurant 365


Restaurant365 is a Asp.Net MVC5 based Restaurant Management system to manage multiple outlets of restaurants. The system has two kinds of roles such as super admin & admin for an every outlet.


Key Features

Administrator is able to see billing reports, total transaction of today report, home delivery, takeaway report and etc from a single window.

Multiple Outlets
Create and manage multiple outlets and handle the whole operations of each restaurant outlet in easy way.

Vendor Master
Manage vendor registration details, Set price for vendor for respective items, Manage vendor billing, billing report, and update balance & vendor balance report.

Menu Master
Manage menu categories, menu items and pricing for items and assign menu items to outlet etc.

Purchase Master
Manage purchase details, purchase reports and purchase returns details.

Stock Transfer
Manage stock transfer details, stock transfer report, stock receive report & stock return report.

Offer Master
Manage offer/ discount items, quantity of items and no of days valid for this offer and manage it reports.

Billing Master
Create billing for selected table, collect payment print order, dispatch order and generate various reports etc.

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