GPS Tracking and Management


GPS Tracking solution is primarily focused at enhancing the safety as well as the accountability of various GPS based tracking e.g. Fleet Tracking, Employee Tracking, Kid Tracking, Pet Tracking, Boat Tracking etc. 


Key Features

Track Trucks
Our Track Truck tracking system from helps you to apprehend wherever your vehicles are, after they can arrive for pickup or delivery, and even how briskly they’re traveling. With elaborated news capabilities, you’ll give outstanding client service and manage a much better business all around.

Track Employee
Our Track Employee can assist you increase efficiency, management knowledge escape and add an additional layer of protection to your current employee security. By observance, Blocking, Capturing, Management & coverage.

Track Kids
Every year lots of if not thousands of our cares ones as well as youngsters unnecessarily go missing, meet with evil are concerned in misfortune or sadly, are lost forever. If solely we tend to had the technology to prevent or a minimum of greatly cut back this happening. Well i am here to inform you we tend to do.

Track Pet
Pet track GPS device that attaches to your dog’s collar. Pets Track permits you to outline a secure zone around your home and instantly receive text and email alerts once your pet leaves that zone. Use the ability of GPS to grasp if they get out and quickly notice them to bring them back safely.

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