Recruiterbox is leading recruitment software and applicant tracking system. It helps companies to manage their hiring process smoothly.


Introduction to Recruiterbox

Recruiterbox recruitment software and ATS system helps  you easily receive and manage the hiring and applicant process. Our recruiting software is more efficient than email and excel documents, simpler than any other recruitment software.

Over 1500+ customers use our product to receive job applications in one place, collaborate with their team on talent feedback and interviews, and make faster hiring decisions. Recruiterbox makes the hiring and applicant process more organized, simpler, and more efficient.

Key features of our recruiting software

  1. Create jobs once. Update everywhere
  2. Structure your recruitment process
  3. Assign responsibilities to your team
  4. Customized questionnaire for applicants
  5. One stop for candidates from all sources
  6. All recruitment information in one place
  7. Truly web-based applicant tracking
  8. The most intuitive recruitment software
  9. Plans to Fit Your Needs