QMS Software


Our web based QMS software will allows organizations to manage quality documents from one console, organizes the  users, groups & gives only secured access based on the user levels, handle different types of schedules such as  Audits, Meetings, Training sessions, Demos, etc., besides logs Audit Plan, tracks Discrepancies, observations and their preventive actions & reports on completion.


Quality Management Software will streamline your organization quality audit process and help you improve your existing processes and gain Customer Satisfaction.

  1. Streamline the processes around quality
  2. Allows to manage quality documents from one console
  3. Helps organizations stick to their compliance processes
  4. Improves existing processes & increases overall performance

Key Benefits

  1. Document / Data decentralization – Online document Management
  2. Efficient Event / Schedule Management – Time spent for communicating the audit plans, reports & tracking the status are reduced
  3. Automatic alerts – supports the users by reminding the schedules which results in 100% schedule adherence
  4. Categorized schedules – schedules can be categorized under various topics
  5. Conflict Management – Warms against schedule conflicts on the attendee & meeting room
  6. Outlook integration – Schedules would be integrated in the respective user’s outlook
  7. Schedule Notifications – Email reminder about the schedules
  8. Effective task management supports from missing out tasks. Also facilitate to track the task completion trend




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