Profitto Suite for SACCOs


JMR best-of-breed presenting Profitto Suite offers SACCOs of each length, access, which include thru the Cloud, to a tremendously scalable, robust and agile solution with customizable and pre-configured functionality. This integrated solution is exceptionally flexible and meet all aspects of loan life-cycle management, lead management, loan origination, lending, loan collections, deposits and reporting requirements.


Key Features

Membership Management: Flexible Membership Module for management of customer memberships

Shares Management:

  • Allocation and re-allocation of share certificates based on membership status
  • Cancellation and surrender of shares based on customer account status
  • Issuance of share certificates based on institutions policy guidelines

Cash Credit & Drawing Power Management

  • Flexible cash credit account management
  • Auto calculation of customer’s drawing power based on stock, debtors and creditors statements
  • Institutions margin computation based on customer’s drawing power

Credit & Account Origination: Configurable Credit & Account Origination module to replicate any Credit & Account Appraisal Process followed by institutions

Deposits, Loans & Collections

  • Deposits, Disbursements & Repayments from/to Groups or individuals within the group
  • Track and monitor possible defaults based on bank and regulatory standards

General Ledger: Seamlessly integrated GL module to ensure accounting entries are in compliance with local, regional and global standards

 Analytics & Reporting: The solution comes pre-integrated with a configurable dashboarding and reporting module with dashboards and reports for various roles of the institution, such as, Branch Managers, Relationship Managers, Retail Heads, Corporate Heads, CFO, CRO, CEO, etc.

General Features

Channel Independent

  • The solution is web based and it caters to a wide spectrum of micro-finance operations
  • Customers, back office and field users can access the solution using Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and other hand held devices

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