Profitto Suite for Credit Unions


JMR best-of-breed presenting Profitto Suite offers Credit Union of each length, access, which include thru the Cloud, to a tremendously scalable, robust and agile solution with customizable and pre-configured functionality. This integrated solution is exceptionally flexible and meet all aspects of loan life-cycle management, lead management, loan origination, lending, loan collections, deposits and reporting requirements.


Key Features

Customer Management

  • Capture and store detailed customer (retail, SME and employees) information through multiple channels
  • Carry out KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance and capture mandatory KYC documents

Credit Rating & Scoring

  • Easy Integration with CB (Credit Bureau) to extract Credit History
  • Easily configurable scorecards from user interface based on business dynamics

Document & Collateral Management

  • A complete document management solution for Document Attachment, Document Archival, Document Release and Document Maintenance
  • Customizable Collateral Allocation which aids single collateral pool allocation to multiple accounts and multiple collateral pool allocation to single account

Credit & Account Origination: Configurable Credit & Account Origination module to replicate any Credit & Account Appraisal Process followed by institutions

Deposits, Loans & Collections

  • Deposits, Disbursements & Repayments from/to Groups or individuals within the group
  • Track and monitor possible defaults based on bank and regulatory standards

General Ledger: Seamlessly integrated GL module to ensure accounting entries in compliance with local, regional and global standards

Analytics & Reporting: The solution comes pre-integrated with a configurable dashboarding and reporting module with dashboards and reports for various roles of the institution, such as, Branch Managers, Relationship Managers, Retail Heads, Corporate Heads, CFO, CRO, CEO, etc.

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