Posibolt ERP


Posibolt ERP is Cloud-based erp system helps you take decision anytime anywhere without spending on IT infrastructure. Our solution is affordable.


Introduction to Posibolt ERP

Posibolt ERP is a cutting-edge business process management software that enables organizations to manage core business functions related to sales, purchase, stores, finance and human resources efficiently and integrates the functional needs of all departments and functions while serving each department’s specific requirements.

Key features of our ERP Software

  1. End to End Coverage of all business processes
  2. Standard ERP features with Low cost of Ownership
  3. Improved Efficiency and Productivity through better visibility and control
  4. Open Architecture that paves the way for Integration with other Systems
  5. Real Time Information available in a simple and intuitive user interface
  6. Better Revenue and Cost Management
  7. Customizable with Smooth upward integration for growth

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