Mera CRM


Mera CRM Customer Relationship Management software helps manage your client relation easy and intuitive. Mera CRM built CRM specially for Indian businesses.


Introduction to Mera CRM

Mera CRM is the customer relationship management solution to all the small size Indian companies who could not  afford costly CRM software. Indian businesses have different need and our software fulfill their requirements. Some of our solutions are free of cost.

Features of Mera CRM

Sales force automation

Sales process is a gradual process of recognizing your clients and then selling your products to them. The main objective to follow this process is to get new businesses.

  1. Deep level customization of local terms for sales
  2. Custom-built of sales stages and procedures
  3. Put automatic check out based on events happening

Marketing Automation

  1. Utilize tags and ribbons to separate data
  2. Utilize filters to define to create dynamic segments
  3. Separate clients by products
  4. Separate customers based on their purchase behavior
  5. Right communication at right time
  6. Better campaign with better analysis

Operation Management

  1. Dashboards to care for crucial things
  2. Set routine operations with robotization
  3. Get precautionary alerts with Automation
  4. Supervise docs for every clients
  5. Docs repository for newest key documents for team
  6. Set  future check out and delegate it
  7. Set Desktop, email or SMS reminders
  8. Recurring followups




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