Pc Architect-2D is a Cad based Architectural Software developed by a Group of Architects based in Pune, Mumbai & Ahmedabad. Everybody now a days has One or the other Shortcuts developed at the smaller level; But Pc-Architect comes to you as a Total Solution which takes care of All the Requirements of a Design Studio on Cad software.


automated modules to place rooms, doors & windows along with the dimensions and the room text; simultaneously presenting dimensions in FPS and MKS.
Automatic Generation of Centreline / Faceline
  •  Accurate centreline drawing drafted in just a few seconds.
  •  Revised Centreline also in seconds.
  •  Place column of required size in CAD … Select all columns… Centreline is generated.
  •  No need of a skilled operator to draft a centreline.
  •  Utilize the design skills of an architect to full extent.
  •  No need to waste his precious time in drafting centreline.