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Orgzit makes work simpler, streamlined & more productive. Keep track of your information, tasks, and processes whatever and wherever they may be.Orgzit is a tool that achieves ultra-data organization, easy collaboration with external & internal partners, and powerful analytics in a single platform


Organize with Orgzit

Bring teams together around data
Bring your team, data and projects together through a powerful custom database in cloud where every team member can participate and benefit while handling your information and completing key tasks.

Create Cloud-Based Applications
Build apps to work the way your organization already works. From fields and forms to dashboards, tables and reports, configure an app just the way you want.

Share data the Way You Like
Define what different types of users can see and do through customizable roles and permissions.

Collaborate on Orgzit

Seamless Document Sharing
Share files with your team whenever you want. Anyone who’s working on a project has access to the same set of files so no one has to ask anyone else where anything is.

Real-Time Collaboration
Collaborate with colleagues in real-time through Orgzit’s built-in commenting system. Use the @mention feature to notify the mentioned users via email and app notifications.

Email Integration
Keep the entire discussion of a conversation on a single page. Quit digging through your emails, trying to reassemble a story from a series of fragmented replies. Use Orgzit’s in-built email feature to quickly send and receive emails without navigating to a new browser window.

Analyze in Orgzit

Reports & Analytics
Visualize and summarize your company data in comprehensive reports – Tabular, Bar charts, Line charts, and Pie charts.

Create personalized widgets for every team member based only on the data that they have access to i.e separate widgets for separate user levels based on their user access level. Let real-time data and analytics help you drive your business forward.

Filter your data on anything and everything. Save any combination of filters and use them to quickly look at different parts of your data from without scrolling or switching windows.

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