Order Management Software


Order management software found in distribution software from Epicor streamlines the order management process with one-screen order entry, customer relationship management, and pricing functionality. In addition, your Epicor system can accept electronic orders from your customers’ systems without requiring EDI, saving your company time and errors associated with manual order entry.


Order Entry Software

With order management software, you can complete the entire order entry process from one screen. Whether you’re entering orders or quotes, converting quotes to orders, expediting orders, checking stock, searching past invoices, verifying shipping preferences, or completing another activity, it can all be done from one screen within order entry. And no matter what device or location orders originate from, all information is entered directly into your Epicor solution.

Order Entry functionality includes:

  • Quoting capabilities that allow you to instantly turn quotes into orders with the click of a mouse
  • Accessory and substitute item suggestions that improve your margins and customer services
  • Front counter signature capture so you can provide accurate responses to order verification requests
  • Integrated credit card processing that eliminates renal of stand-alone terminals, credit card swipers, and associated printers
  • AutoOrder, an optional module that allows you to receive electronic orders from your customers with 100% accuracy, eliminating the need for manual data entry

CRM Solutions

Order management extends to customer relationship management. When you enter orders into your solution, you have access to key customer data. You can see shipping preferences, past orders, notes made from previous conversations, and more. You can also track customer activities and set alerts, while integrated fax and e-mail functionality streamlines customer communication.

Order Management System

Order management software also gives you complete control over your pricing. Whether you are offering select customers preferred pricing or setting promotional pricing, you can maintain your margins while meeting customer and competitive demands. In addition, Pricing Service functionality saves time and eliminates errors by allowing you to electronically update your pricing database with files from your suppliers. Eliminating delays in pricing updates ensures you’re not losing money when suppliers enact a price increase.

Order Management Solutions

Order management functionality is found in Epicor Prophet 21 (formerly Activant Prophet 21) software, Epicor 9 ERP software, Epicor Prelude (formerly Activant Prelude) software, and Epicor Eclipse (formerly Activant Eclipse) software. With better order management, you can provide better customer service to your clients worldwide. For more information about order management software from Epicor, call 1.800.776.7438 and speak with an Epicor solutions specialist or email us at  info@epicor.com.

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