Order Dynamics


Our web based order management platform helps retailers and brands connect digital channels with physical stores to expose all cross channel inventory. Streamlining data integration between different retail systems to simplify order fulfillment scenarios. Distributed order management that optimizes your order fulfillment process.


Distributed Order Management

Distributed order management that employs a flexible, intelligent approach to processing and routing orders across your retail network. OrderDynamics’s native web based (SaaS) platform simplifies managing the entire order lifecycle. From initial acquisition to final fulfillment, OrderDynamics has it covered.

Accurate Order Processing

Orchestrate your omni-channel orders through a comprehensive, and flexible processing workflow. Use the workflow that lets users capture payments, invoice, run tax calculations, split shipments, provide customer notifications, and much more. OrderDynamics removes the complexity of managing special order types, such as pre orders, drop shipments, and subscription recurring orders.

Flexible Rules Configuration

With rapidly changing customer and market conditions, flexibility is king. OrderDynamics provides a user driven platform designed for quick and continuous configuration across the board. From fraud rules to tax rate calculations to shipping methods, gain control over how orders are managed and fulfilled right at your fingertips.

Intelligent Order Routing

Stop margin erosion across your omni-channel orders by reducing split shipments. Our powerful and intelligent order routing engine helps. Change your distributed order management strategies on the fly with OrderDynamics’ easy to configure tooling. This native web based order management system was designed for power, ease and flexibility. Let the system determine the best possible stock location from which to fulfill orders. Finally, a system that intelligently considers local inventory availability and geographic proximity.

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