Oracle BPM Suite is leading Business Process Management Software. It provides business user-friendly modeling and optimization, system integration, business activity monitoring dashboards.


Introduction to Oracle BPM Workflow Management Tool

Oracle BPM Suite gives an integrated, unified and robust platform to help intelligent and adaptive business processes for both structured, automated flows as well as dynamic, collaborative case management. This Business process management software entitle  business users to own their processes and the user experience while enabling effective business collaboration.

Key Features of  BPM Software

  1. Business Architecture designer
  2. Process optimization through impact analysis, simulation and bottleneck analysis
  3. Simple develop once and run
  4. Process documentation and reports
  5. Complete lifecycle management
  6. Real-time metrics and predictive analytics
  7. Centralized process repository for seamless collaboration between Business and IT
  8. Secure mobile integration
  9. Rapid process modeling and development
  10. In-flight process changes
  11. Business friendly business rules and Excel™ integration
  12. Rich work assignment patterns and work routing algorithms