Onfleet fleet management software makes it simple easy to oversee last mile deliveries. Intuitive routing, dispatching, real-time tracking, analytics etc.


Introduction to Onfleet vehicle tracking software

Onfleet fleet management software enables businesses to oversee and analyze their local delivery operations. Our product gives intuitive smartphone apps for drivers, a powerful modern web dashboard for dispatchers, and automatic notifications and real-time tracking for recipients. This Fleet software has powered millions of deliveries worldwide, for hundreds of businesses ranging from grocery, restaurant, and flower delivery to dry cleaning and moving & storage firms.

Key features of our GPS tracking software

  1. Route optimization
  2. Bird’s-eye view
  3. Auto-dispatch
  4. Effortless onboarding
  5. Real-time data
  6. Proof of delivery
  7. Analyze and improve
  8. Driver chat
  9. Predictive ETAs
  10. Automatic status updates
  11. Real-time driver tracking
  12. Integrated customer communication
  13. Feedback collection
  14. Monitor key metrics
  15. Comprehensive reports





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