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MSA Pro is an application that helps organizations identify, catalog, calibrate and study the measurement certainty of inspection, testing, and lab equipment. MSA Pro tests both the measurement system equipment and processes to ensure that your measurement systems produce accurate, repeatable and stable measurements.



Calibration Lab Database

MSA Pro maintains a database of all Calibration Laboratories or Agencies. The record contains information about the agency, like name, contact address, phone number, and email. These outside agencies may be used to calibrate the gage equipment.

Calibration Process

  • Group your instruments into a particular group or type for easy management.
  • Attribute, Variable, and Master gage information can be imported into the system.

Repeatability & Reproducibility Method (R &R)

Repeatability is the variation in measurements obtained using one measurement instrument several times on the identical characteristics of the same part.

Reproducibility is the variation in the average of the measurements made by different appraisers using the same measuring instrument while measuring the identical characteristics on the same part.

MSA Pro allows you to define a specific gage in each type for a particular characteristic that needs to be analyzed. This is a unique feature of MSA Pro that reduces the number of studies required in an organization. Also, it clearly links gage types and gages to the R&R system study as required for each organization.

Reports & Visual Analysis (Charts)

  • All instruments that need to be calibrated in the time period are shown.
  • All instruments that are not calibrated per user-defined due dates are shown.
  • All gages calibrated in the user-defined time period are shown.
  • Generate a separate report for each gage.
  • Summary reports can be created to aggregate various gage studies.

Standard graphs

  • Run Chart
  • Scatter Plot
  • Whiskers Chart
  • Error Chart
  • Comparison X-Y Plot
  • X Y Plot Average

Standard reports

  • Calibration History
  • List of Measurement Systems
  • Gage List By Time Period
  • Gage List Calibrated By Due Date
  • Gage List Not Calibrated By Due Date
  • Gage List Not Completed on Time
  • Gage List of External Lab Calibration

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