Montage Talent


Montage talent hiring software is the single solution to engage, interview and hire better talent. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, It is revolutionizing the way people do their jobs .


Introduction to Montage Talent

Montage Talent hiring software and interview tool delivers fast, quicker placements and smarter decision making. We are the single solution to engage, interview and hire best talents, faster.

We are devoted to market-driven revolution, incorporating applicable science and data in our solutions to speed the process and enhance the predictability of talent acquisition. Our commitment to superior customer service and support is excellent in the industry. We support each and every customers at every stage of our partnership because we sincerely wish them to be successful.

Why choosing our interviewing platform

  1. Elevate employer branding
  2. Meet candidate expectations
  3. Accelerate quality hires
  4. Extend candidate reach
  5. Smarter decision making

Key features of our tool montage talent

  1. On-Demand Text Interviewing
  2. On-Demand Voice Interviewing
  3. On-Demand Video Interviewing
  4. On-Demand Hiring Assessments
  5. Automated Scheduling
  6. Live Voice Interviewing
  7. Live Video Interviewing
  8. In-Person Interviewing


  1. Sync with major calendaring solutions.
  2. Integrate with all major enterprise ATS systems..
  3. Partner assessments are a built in-app for a consistent experience.
  4. Configurable options based on job types.