Mobile Banking


C-edge’s solutions have enabled banks to offer most suitable services to their clients thru their mobile Banking software program. using this product, banks can offer their clients with a facility to carryout banking operations using any cellular device.


Key Benefits

  1. Anywhere Anytime Banking: Operate from any part of globe
  2. Convenience: Provides convenient means of banking to customers
  3. Security: Provides a secure and safe channel for banking
  4. Device Independence: Can be installed on any J2ME enabled mobile device
  5. Increased Virtual Transactions: Ease in operation entices customers to use the facilities frequently
  6. Lesser Footfalls: Reduced number of visits by existing customers to banks
  7. Cost-efficient:Fewer office staff can now handle more work
  8. Happy Customer: Provides instant response to customers’ needs
  9. New Horizons:Frees Manpower to develop business

C-Edge Advantage

  1. Available on Cloud
  2. Seamlessly integrated with core banking solution & other channels
  3. Ready to deploy
  4. Regular functional upgrades
  5. Compliant with regulations
  6. Secured application