IMPS – Interbank Mobile Payment Service


Interbank mobile payment service (IMPS) is a merchant payment system evolved by NPCI which permits customers to use their mobile tool to make immediate 24 x 7 interbank payments to merchants or companies via their cellular phones.



IMPS provides following benefits:
  1. Instant: As soon as transfer is initiated, funds are transmitted instantly
  2. Anytime: IMPS is available 24×7 including weekends and holidays
  3. Anywhere: IMPS transfers can be executed via mobile phone irrespective of geographical location
  4. Simple:Transferring funds becomes a simple process. Only the identifier and mobile number of beneficiary is required.
  5. Secure: Only registered customers can participate

C-Edge Advantage

  1. Available on Cloud
  2. Seamlessly integrated with Core Banking Solution & other channels
  3. Ready to deploy
  4. Regular functional upgrades
  5. Compliant with regulations
  6. Secure application

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