Mixhubb is an advanced 3D Online Event Platform that comes with infinite scalable opportunities & powerful integrations.This platform enables you to host immersive event experiences, with just a click.


Mixhubb is a robust 3D self managed, online event platform that empowers it’s users to host immersive as well as engaging virtual events of all types & sizes. With its quick and easy setup, you get the power to build, create, manage and deliver a full scale event virtually, with the ability to 100% customize your event, as you like. Its advanced & futuristic high-end networking solutions allow the attendees to interact, and make impactful & meaningful connections. Mixhubb being a budget friendly platform allows event organizers to host all kinds of events online, conveniently with round the clock 24*7 support.

Key Features

  1. Self-Serve/ Self-Service/ Automated
  2. Pocket-Friendly/ Budget-Friendly
  3. Customizable
  4. Scalable
  5. Quick Setup
  6. User Friendly UI
  7. 24*7 Support