Damco is a US-based technology solutions and IT Services company providing customer-centric services in digital, data, and product development.


Our deep industry knowledge, ingenious IT services and solutions, proven capabilities in current and emerging technologies, mature development and testing processes- make us a trusted partner of clients worldwide. Strengthened by CMMi and ISO quality certifications, we facilitate customers to compete in the fast-paced market dynamics and build a sustainable business advantage.

Key Services

  1. Product Management
  2. Mobility Services
  3. IT Consultancy
  4. Remote Infrastructure Management Services
  5. Software Services
  6. Insurance Services
  7. Salesforce Services
  8. ITes Services
  9. Martech Services
  10. IT-enabled Services
  11. Enterprise Solutions
  12. Digital Marketing
  13. Marketing Automation
  14. Data Processing
  15. Image Editing
  16. Technical Staffing
  17. Product Engineering
  18. Application Services
  19. Cloud Application
  20. IoT
  21. Quality Assurance