Minosha india limited is empowering digital workplaces through innovative technologies and services,helping individuals to work smarter.


Introduction to Minosha

Minosha India Limited is delivering its products and services for over 27 years and operates through a robust pan-India network of 7 offices and over 300 business partners. It delivers not only a wide array of products and solutions but consistent service levels across the Country.

Minosha India knows that business development is compatible and integrated with social sustainability. Using their resources and expertise in the area of environment management, Minosha can also help companies reduce environment impact of their business. Minosha’s’ Total Green Office Solution (TGOs) helps businesses to achieve their targets by visualizing, analysing and minimizing their environmental impact by optimizing their office infrastructure and workflows.

Our Solutions

  1. Device Management
  2. Cost Management and Security
  3. Mobile Print and Capture
  4. Scan and Distribution
  5. Workflow & Process Management
  6. Cloud Solutions