McKesson Homecare


We are experiencing an era of unprecedented change in health care. New technology, new services and new ideas will be needed to deliver improved outcomes for businesses and patients.McKesson is at the forefront of that transformation.


By streamlining the day-to-day tasks of your intake, scheduling, financial and clinical staff, our solution helps you improve documentation compliance and shorten your revenue cycle.

Key Features

  1. Using healthcare-specific business logic to perform functions and tasks that can be by the application, rather than by the user
  2. Incorporating forward-thinking concepts and planning to stay at the forefront with health information exchanges (HIEs) and communication standards that support interoperability and caregiving across care settings
  3. Improving the revenue cycle by streamlining the documentation process so billing can begin sooner
  4. Supporting your efforts to produce comprehensive and compliant documentation
  5. Automating the day-to-day tasks involved in running your organization, resulting in fewer errors, lower labor costs and cleaner business processes
  6. Supports the referral management staff’s work by tracking progress and tasks for each in-progress referral
  7. Improves admission process by measuring progress toward completion and automating communication to process stakeholders – insurance verification, schedulers, clinical managers and field staff
  8. Role-based documentation that helps users manage responsibilities efficientl
  9. An infrastructure that stretches beyond the application, adheres to privacy and security regulations and supports communication across care settings
  10. Automatic alerts, prompts and real-time data verification that minimize research, improve information sharing and streamline the referral process
  11. Analyzing costs at the visit level and across categories for service, discipline, employee, patient, admission, diagnosis and business unit
  12. Providing expert reporting capabilities, including consolidated reporting on patients receiving services across multiple business lines or services
  13. Tracking costs associated with third parties, such as nursing homes, physicians, DME providers and pharmacies
  14. Automating and integrating personnel scheduling with point-of-care and telephony
  15. Eliminating unauthorized home visits through built-in alerts
  16. Ordering and tracking supplies online