Brightree Home Health software


Brightree Home Health software provides the ideal combination of a native iPad® point-of-care app and cloud-based back-office software. Incredibly easy, intuitive and efficient at the point of care, yet packed with powerful features that maximize documentation accuracy and compliance.


With the Brightree native iPad point-of-care app, you can empower your clinicians to care for patients while documenting efficiently and naturally. Designed for clinicians by clinicians, Brightree follows the natural flow of patient visits with ease – without sacrificing compliance.

  1. Fast to learn and easy to use with the native, intuitive functionality of an iPad app.
  2. No more charting after hours since Brightree makes it much faster and easier to document at the point of care.
  3. Works both online and off – Brightree is fully functional with or without Internet access.
  4. Enforces compliance measures via built-in best practices, intelligent checks and guides.
  5. Fosters intimate patient care since Brightree isn’t a physical barrier like a bulky laptop or binder.

Improve the efficiency of your business operations.

Brightree solutions can give home health agencies confidence that they are operating at peak efficiency, through built-in best practices that help guide users to do the right things right, the first time — from patient intake through plan-of-care documentation to billing and reimbursement.

  1. Dramatically reduce Quality Assurance workload with more complete documentation.
  2. Speed time-to-bill submission.
  3. Drive more accurate claims and guard against denials and take backs.
  4. Streamline care coordination with anytime, anywhere access to current patient information.