Athenta OCC’s biggest achievement has been the “in-built analytics & RCA tool” which helps the customer in managing their ubiquitous infrastructure, whether it is M2M or on the cloud.The OCC aggregator or the central aggregator is build with a passive backplane, redundant power supply and failsafe database. Its energized by the AES Engine.


Features of the Solution

  • Supports Distributed and Multi-Layered Architectures
  • Fault & Performance Management
  • Topology
  • Network Design and Configuration
  • Application Management
  • Database Management
  • Multi Connector API
  • High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Multi Mode Notification through SMS, Email, Tickets, Browser etc.
  • Self Monitoring and Self- Healing

Business Benefits

  • Ensure Service Availability
  • Increased Business Revenue
  • Prevent Business Loss
  • Deliver Great Customer Experience
  • Optimize resource utilization
  • Low TCO/Opex
  • Fast ROI

Office Location : Noida

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