Business Intelligence and Dashboard


The multi-vendor and multi-technology scenario poses a great challenge when it comes to data visualization of an IT infrastructure implemented in an enterprise, city or a nation. Athenta’s Business Intelligence (BI) and Dashboard provides a full spectrum of data visualization through data integration and business intelligence (BI) capabilities including interactive reporting, Ad hoc analysis, rich visualizations.


With Athenta’s BI platform, an enterprise receives broad enterprise data integration services for Big Data analytics and reporting.

  1. Report Generation on predefined and/or at customized hours
  2. Online Reporting or as reports generated as “pdf” / CSV files
  3. Custom report generation on the basis of time duration, group of elements, custom elements etc.
  4. Create historical performance and trend analysis for capacity planning
  5. Capable to send the reports through e-mail to pre-defined user with predefined interval
  6. SLA Reports generation
  7. Web- based report generation for both near real time and historical data for the systems and network devices
  8. Report generation for Server, Application, infrastructure services and Network devices in SDC environment.

Business Benefits

  1. Centralized Dashboard – Enables customized performance views of the entire Infrastructure setup under the monitoring scope as per the business process of the organization.
  2. Business intelligence can provide more accurate historical data, real-time updates, synthesis between departmental data stores, forecasting and trending, and even predictive ‘what if?’ analysis
  3. BI users can quickly get answers to business questions, rather than spending hours reading through volumes of printed reports
  4. With detailed insights into business performance, organizations can easily see where they need to make changes
  5. Athenta Business intelligence can give users greater insight for improving operational efficiency and the ability to adjust production on the fly for greater profitability