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MGRM has developed a proprietary Pharmaceutical Expert SystemTM called M-Pharma that meets the end-to-end requirements of any Pharmaceutical and related industries.This includes any Pharmaceutical, Food & Cosmetics, Medical Devices, Medical Disposables, Medical Diagnostics, and API’S & Raw Materials manufacturing units


Salient benefits include

  • System-wide Compliance with WHO GMP on a 24X7 basis
  • Automatic Creation of Batch Manufacturing Records
  • Built-in security system (biometrics where essential) and with access control.
  • Complete Process and Documentation Audit Trail
  • Significant cost savings by controlling wastage of critical raw material

Marketing – Web MSR

Effective marketing is possible through Web based Medical Sales Representative (Web MSR) that is part of Marketing Sales & Outbound Logistics (MSO) developed by MGRM.

Web MSR acts as an interactive agent who can effectively communicate product features and benefits to the medical fraternity, based on your marketing and sales strategies. Web MSR integrates with your health or marketing campaigns and help transform leads to business.

Based on advanced interactive multimedia technologies, your marketing / sales pitch are converted to easily understandable information chunks, which engage the target audience to deliver your core message & promotion. Web MSR tracks engagement analytics, actions taken and conversion, all occurring on the integrated Marketing Sales and Outbound Logistics Platform.

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