Loxo is the top executive recruiting software, ATS and CRM for recruitment agencies. It provides single platform for applicant tracking, CRM, AI sourcing, email marketing.


Introduction to Loxo ATS

Loxo ATS is an unique Applicant Tracking System.  Loxo ATS is created from the ground up specifically for the emerging web 3.0 era. Conventional ATS that you are using was created back in the 1990’s during the web 1.0 era. Our software is built for the modern hiring industry who wants the latest and best technology available. Loxo is lovely to use, magnificent to look at and provide you superpowers with smart learning technologies.

1. Simpler is better.

Our clients are top recruiting agencies  and boutique staffing companies that are exhausted of complicated recruiting software that slows them down. Loxo is easy & intuitive so you can lessen your overhead and dramatically remove the complexities the way you work.

2. Elegant Design. Better Experience.

Have you at any point really delighted in utilizing your recruiting software? With Loxo you will. Our reality class architects ensure your Loxo experience is magnificent.

3. Smarter Software means Faster Placements

Not just has Loxo computerized your manual and ordinary procedures, we incorporated shrewd tools with your recruiting enrolling background. From discovering contact data with the snap of a catch to naturally sourcing the best 10 percent of each market, it’s the ideal opportunity for your product to work for you.





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