we’ve obsessed over helping organizations be more secure, meet compliance and improve operations. This obsession led to innovation, which culminated in LepideAuditor. We’ve helped over 10,000 organizations track changes to critical systems, alert on file and folder activities and uncover current permissions, all from a single integrated console – and we’re just getting started.


Increase your Security

  1. Detect insider threats through tracking system changes, data access and permissions
  2. Reduce the risks of data leakage
  3. Ensure least privilege through instant discovery of current permissions to your critical files and folders
  4. Spot privilege abuse through continuous auditing of your most privileged IT users

Streamline Systems Management

  1. Maintain access to systems and data by tracking changes made to critical servers
  2. Ensure systems stay up and running with our health check feature
  3. Detect and roll back unwanted changes
  4. Help troubleshoot user management issues, such as account lockouts and password resets

Meet Compliance Demands

  1. Publicly traded company? Meet SOX compliance with our automated reports
  2. Need to protect the security and integrity of health data? Use our pre-defined HIPAA reports
  3. Accepting or processing payments by card? You’ll need our PCI audit reports
  4. GLBA, FISMA, ISO and GDPR reports all available




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