LANenforcer™ | LAN security systems


LANenforcer integrates all critical LAN security functions into a high-speed security policy processing engine that provides deep inspection of every packet to ensure data integrity, threat containment and user accountability. LANenforcer systems uniquely integrate network acces control (NAC), identity-based policy enforcement, malware containment and user activity monitoring. Its threat defense combines signature recognition and anomaly detection methodologies in parallel to deliver microsecond detection and quarantine, stopping threats before they can spread.


Multigigabit Comprehensive LAN Security at Wirespeed

Nevis LANenforcer Secure Access Switch– Secure access switches that provide throughput up to 10 Gbps and supports up to 100 users. The LANenforcer Secure Switch provides the most secure means for locking down a LAN by creating a Personal DMZ around each user.

Nevis LANenforcer LAN Security Appliance – A LAN security appliance that provides throughput up to 10 Gbps and supports up to 1000 users. Deployed transparently above the access layer, the LANenforcer appliance sits in line aggregating traffic from multiple access switches and provides individualized access control and microsecond threat detection and response

Nevis LANsight Security Manager– Provides enterprise-class, centralized security policy configuration, monitoring, event correlation and reporting for the Nevis LANenforcer security systems.

Easy Integration into Existing Networks