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KVN Mail is an exclusive platform providing email marketing solutions. Irrespective of the size of the organization it enables them to power data driven campaigns and real time communications.


Full List Management
You will always be compliant with spam laws and best practices thanks to KVN Mail’s automatic handling of opt-ins, unsubscribe requests and bounced email cleaning. 

Multiple Contact Lists
Create multiple contact lists as per your needs. You can also sort and group contacts based on type or lead source, such as “newsletter subscribers” and “sales leads”. 

Add or Import Contacts
Type in contacts details one by one or even import existing contacts from Microsoft Excel, Outlook or a CSV file. 

One-Click Unsubscribe Links
Automatic unsubscribe links in your emails give subscribers peace of mind and help you more than comply with CAN-spam laws. 

Unlimited Custom Fields
Create multiple custom fields to store additional information about contacts such as location, interests, last name, phone number and more. 

Double Opt-In Confirmation
Keep your list clean by having a requirement where the new subscribers have to click the link attached to the email (generated and sent automatically) to verify so that its authenticity is ensured. 

Powerful List Segmentation
Filter contacts across multiple lists based on common attributes such as location or interests and send emails to each segment. 

Bulk Remove Contacts
Remove large groups of contacts from your list by typing in their email addresses or uploading a file. 

Modify Subscription Details
Each contact on your list can modify the details of their subscriptions. They can alter their email address, first name, preferences and more.

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