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Automating Timesheet Entry with JSM Timesheet Software will reduce the work load on HR, Admin, Projects and Accounts staff, facilitate confidentiality, produce error-free information and enhance speed in accessing Project, Billing, Costing and Payroll related information. Because of its integration with JSM HR Software and JSM Payroll Software .it offers a single view of all data to HR, Projects, Admin, and Finance departments as well as to Top Management..


Special Features
  • Completely Masters Driven Timesheet Software

    There is no hard coding of any business logic. You define your own rules / business logic. JSM Timesheet Software has been designed so that it can take care of variations in business logic / rules from company to company. The advantage to you as a customer is that this avoids costly customizations.

  • Powerful and Flexible Business Logic to suit any kind of organization

    JSM Timesheet Software lets you define your business logic for Clients, Projects, Project Definitions, Teams, Locations, Activities, Costing, Leave, OD, Comp off, Shifts and Attendance, and other important areas. So you can create rules that exist in your organization in JSM Timesheet Software.

  • Powerful and Flexible Organizational Structure Module

    JSM Timesheet Software has an powerful Organizational Structure module that lets you create multiple office types and offices. JSM Timesheet Software lets you define the Organizational Structure as applicable in your organization. JSM Timesheet Software lets you create multiple Divisions, Departments or Sections as well as Multiple Grades, Levels, Bands or Designations.

  • Multi Company Multi Location Timesheet Software

    JSM Timesheet Software is an Multi Company, Multi-Location Timesheet software. You can create multiple offices.

  • Windows based Easy- to- use Timesheet Software

    JSM Timesheet Software is built using Microsoft Technologies. Hence it is easy to use and operate.

  • Different versions to suit different client requirements

    JSM Timesheet Software is available in Internet / Intranet based Multi user version uses SQL Server as the database.

  • Powerful reporting capabilities

    JSM Timesheet Software offers unparalleled Reporting capabilities. User has the control on selecting reporting criteria. JSM Timesheet Software has more than 75 reports and satisfies the needs of powerful reports in Timesheet / Leave and Attendance..

  • Linking with Attendance Machine

    JSM Timesheet Software has an in built import module which helps you import Attendance data from any Attendance Machine. JSM Timesheet Software can import data from any DBF or MDB file that is commonly used by all Attendance Machines.

  • Facility to Email on all Events

    JSM Timesheet Software lets you email Notifications to concerned Employees on any event. On every event a Email is generated and sent to whoever has been set to receive the same.

  • Powerful Reporting Tool

    JSM Timesheet Software uses Crystal Reports that is the most powerful reporting tool in the industry today.

  • Facility to export all Reports

    JSM Timesheet Software lets you export all Reports into Excel, Word and many other formats.

  • Powerful Security Module

    JSM Timesheet Software has an advanced Security Module that lets you create Roles and then assign these to as many users as possible. JSM Timesheet Software lest you create form and report level security. JSM Timesheet Software lets you restrict access to each Form and in that too you can specify for each user these activities – Whether he / she can view the form, modify data or delete data.

  • Back up and Restore Module

    JSM Timesheet Software uses SQL Server which has an robust Backup feature that lets you create your own backups and specify where you wish to take backup.

  • Report Designer

    JSM Timesheet Software has an advanced Report Designer that lets you create reports the way you want. JSM Payroll lets you decide which fields you want to select and then take out an report as per your specific needs.

  • Alerts

    JSM Timesheet Software lets you create Automatic Alerts so that you can get timely reminders of important events at times you want.

  • Facility to Scan photographs and Signatures

    JSM Timesheet Software lets you scan photographs and signatures and attach to JSM Timesheet Software.

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