JSM Business Analytics solutions give you deep insight into every aspect of your organization. JSM BI helps you understand your business more clearly. JSM BI covers every important business aspect and presents it to top management in a user friendly manner. JSM provides tremendous flexibility in ways in which you can analyse each aspect of your business. JSM BI helps you in gaining deep insight into various operations of your business and see trends which otherwise would never be possible with traditional means. 


JSM Project Business Intelligence

  1. Projects based organizations – IT, Consultancies, Engineering and other allied industries will benefit from JSM Project Business Intelligence.
  2. Projects are the base of all work in these organizations. Managing projects better, more efficiently and profitably is the key objective of all IT and Engineering companies.
  3. JSM Project BI helps you analyse Projects based performance parameters.
  4. Analyse key areas in Clients and Projects performance with JSM Project Analytics.
  5. JSM Project BI helps top management in ensuring that the organization goals set are indeed followed through down till the lowest levels. JSM Software helps you to keep track of key client and project based metrics to ensure organization is moving on the right track.