JSM Business Analytics solutions give you deep insight into every aspect of your organization. JSM BI helps you understand your business more clearly. JSM BI covers every important business aspect and presents it to top management in a user friendly manner. JSM provides tremendous flexibility in ways in which you can analyse each aspect of your business. JSM BI helps you in gaining deep insight into various operations of your business and see trends which otherwise would never be possible with traditional means. With the deep understanding of your business you can predict outcomes, see patterns and take better informed decisions in your business. With JSM BI you can prevent poor and incorrect decisions which can have damaging consequences for your business.


JSM Attendance Business Intelligence

Attendance is one of the key performance areas in any organization. Gain insight into this very important business aspect with JSM Attendance Analytics.

Compare data across the organization, business areas and 7 other parameters. See key trends. Helps you to be alert to any shortcomings and take corrective action in time.

Gain a deeper insight into Attendance across the organization. Identify potential problem areas and take corrective action based on hard facts. Identify the poor performers and best performers.

JSM Attendance BI helps you in managing attendance better across your organization and ultimately improves productivity of your organization.