IVRS – Interactive Voice Responce Systems


IVR leads callers thru audio activates to access, enter or modify statistics using their cellphone’s keypad. Automates your customers’ routine, time-consuming, labor-intensive smartphone queries.Routinely  tracks the quantity of calls and overall amount of call time.


What IVR can do?

  1. IVR leads callers through audio prompts to access, enter or modify data using their telephone’s keypad.
  2. Automates your customers’ routine, time-consuming, labor-intensive telephone queries.
  3. Automatically tracks the number of calls and total amount of call time.
  4. Automatically tracks call detail statistics, enabling you to create a standard set of reports.

What are the benefits?

  1. Expand into new markets.
  2. Reduce operating costs for your client.
  3. Offer fast, consistent information delivery.
  4. Create automated applications to handle routine and sophisticated client needs.
  5. Retrain existing customers.
  6. Offer timely turn-around for custom IVR applications.
  7. Provide 24/7 service without additional staff.
Possible areas for Use
  1. Government Sector.
  2. Banks, Insurance Agencies.
  3. Private Offices.
  4. Courier Services.
  5. Educational Sector .
  6. Civil Court.
  7. Marketing Agencies.

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