Zycus is a leading global provider of procurement solutions suite across the source-to-pay and procure-to-pay cycles. Our product portfolio includes applications for strategic procurement- Spend Analysis, eSourcing, Contract Management, Supplier Management and Financial Savings Management and operational procurement- eProcurement, eInvoicing. 


Contract Management Software – Business Need

When you mismanage contracts, you:

  • Increase contract cycle times
  • Allow critical legal information to become fragmented and exposed
  • Miss savings opportunities associated with contract expiry
  • Increase risk quotients across legal, market and procurement ROI (return-on-investment) risk quotient

How Zycus’ Contract Management Software Can Help You?

We start by listening to your needs.

We then configure and empower our contract management solutions to meet your specific procurement objectives, so that you gain the power to influence business performance through:

  • Accelerated contracting processes and enhanced compliance across multiple legal and government regulatory systems.
  • Enhanced stewardship, security and continuity around important contract documents.
  • Reduced maverick spending and reduced erosion of cost savings built into contracts.
  • Greater awareness of spend and risk management needs related to market conditions and contract expiry.

Contract Management Software – Features

iContract™ Repository

It helps you create a smart contract warehouse with:

  • User-defined access controls
  • Powerful multi-parameter and free text search
  • Dynamic reporting and configurable dashboards
  • Alerts and reminders to track contract expiry, contract utilization and off-contract spending.

iContract™ Authoring

It simplifies writing and negotiating complex contracts with:

  • Template libraries and wizard-driven contract authoring
  • Audit trail, version management and side-by-side version comparisons during negotiation
  • Clause libraries with preapproved clauses for standardizing contract language
  • Flexible approval workflow

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