Housing Society Management


We are developing desktop and Android application software.



1.       Password protected

2.       Fast Calculation of reports / query

3.       Maintain records of :

a.        Flat / Shop Details

b.      Member (with photo)

c.       Nomination

d.      Bank Account

e.      Expenditure,

f.        Electrical Connection

g.       Water connection

h.      Employee

i.         Permanent Item

j.        Tenants

k.       Complaints

l.         Share certificate

m.    Documents / Letters

n.      Vehicles

o.      Other information such as Bank, ATM, Plumber, electrician etc.

4.       Generate Bill automatically to all members as assigned. (Charges to be assigned to members there after software will generate Bills for all members with single click every month.)

5.        Single Bill can be generated with desired late charges.

6.       Advance can be deposited by member. Next bill will be generated with advance calculation.

7.       Late fee can be calculated as decided by society

(As per % of previous Balance / Fix per day / % of previous Balance Fix per day / Fixed)

8.       Bill duration can be decided so that Monthly / quarterly / half yearly Bill can be generated

9.       Cheque query to get cheque details.

10.   Backup and recovery to save precious data, in case of PC crash.

11.   Can be operated using PEN drive, so that user can carry software anywhere.