Home Finance Management


Ken-HFS: Kensoft’s home Finance software program is a domain enriched Housing Finance software program Product with complete end-to-end integration right from receiving of applications, credit appraisal to disbursements, accounting and recovery.


Key Modules of the Product

  1. Loan Origination System.
  2. Structured Credit Appraisal.
  3. Loan Sanction Module.
  4. Legal Documentation.
  5. Pre-Disbursement checks.
  6. Technical inspection.
  7. Loan and Financial Accounts.
  8. Risk management.
  9. Recovery Module.
  10. Asset classification and NPA management.
  11. DSS (Decision support systems).
  12. Reports and analytics.
  13. Integrated Web Services.
  14. Utilities and Customer Services.

Source : https://www.kensoftnet.com




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